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Because of the numbers of radio carbon dates now commissioned by BAG we've created this complete list pdf for anyone who may be interested, the dates cover an important series of pre historic and early historic sites. We've got a new report on Daer Reservoir work carried out during the dry summer last year. And the Fruid Reservoir unenclosed platform settlement report is still available to download from here or from the pdf archive.

Blackmount & Wildshaw Burn Stone Circle

12 May 2014

Midsummer is fast approaching – witness the soltice at these two easily accessed sites


Black Mount Hill and Wilshaw Burn Stone Circle alignments»



Daer Reservoir 2013

21 March 2014

The final interim chapter on the Daer valley project, it covers the work done within the reservoir in 2013.


Daer Reservoir 2013»



Calla Farm Report

13 September 2013

Chapelgill Report

11 October 2013

Migration Routes Report

11 October 2013


More legacy reports for Daer

26 June 2013

Daer interim reports
More reports to add to the library for the Daer project


Reports Pre 2010»

Reports up to 2012»

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